Government Sales


Government sales are any sales provided to a United States Federal, State, or Local Government. CLARK Material Handling Company categorizes Government Sales and policies into two types. The first is Federal Government Sales and the second is State and Local Government Sales.

Federal Government Sales are sales made to a Federal Agency through a pre-established sales contract or through a new bid submission. CLARK currently holds three open sales contracts through which pre-established pricing is used. These contracts include the Government Administration (GSA), Army & Air Force Exchange Services, and the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia-Heavy Equipment Procurement Program. CLARK also provides Government Sales quotes to Veteran and Minority Owned sub-contractors in support of Federal Government Sales.

The CLARK Government Sales contact is Laura Leve. She can be contacted by phone at (859)422-6429 or

State and Local Government Sales are sales made to a State or Local agency through a bid submission that does not require a Federal Open Contract number. These bids require an independent bid from your local dealer. Clark supports the dealers with special pricing for state and local government. To find your local dealer please utilize the Dealer Locator or you can also contact Laura Leve at the contact numbers listed above.