Available Equipment

Customizing Your Lift Truck

An employer is in the best position to ensure a safe environment by choosing the right equipment and by training their personnel.

CLARK has extensively researched on-truck pedestrian warning systems, and concluded that, no one device or system that would effectively reduce pedestrian accidents is suitable for installation on all rider forklift trucks as STANDARD EQUIPMENT.

Due to the diversity of conditions, warning devices that may be effective in one application may be ineffective or detrimental in others.

The employer has the responsibility for deciding which warning devices or systems, if any, are appropriate for a particular application. CLARK dealers can assist in making this decision by investigating the application in which the lift truck will be used and making recommendations for equipment appropriate to provide a safe work environment.

Dealers should provide the information to the customer to allow them to make an informed decision as to what equipment, if any, should be added to their trucks.