Load Wheels

CLARK offers a complete inventory of Polywheels, Poly Press-ons, casters and press-on tires designed to exceed Tire and Rim Association carrying capacity standards. CLARK warrants all tires sold under its program to be free of defects in both material and workmanship for the life of the tire.

Finally, a load wheel engineered to withstand the demanding needs of 24/7 warehouse applications. The Cushothane XL3 takes the worry out of handling heavy loads, high speeds, and long runs.


  • Super Resilient
  • Chunk Resistant
  • Extends battery Life
  • Softest Ride
  • Ideal for Rough Floors
  • Great for Loading Docks
  • Excellent for Low Temps/Freezers


  • Good for Long Runs
  • Outstnading for Heavy Loads
  • Engineered for High Speeds
  • Built for Order Picking
  • Made for Extreme Applications


  • Built for Mega Load Runs
  • Outstanding for Heavy Loads
  • Made for Extreme Applications


  • Super Resilient
  • Chunk Resistant
  • Softest Ride
  • Ideal for Rough Floors
  • Very Low Rolling Resistance

Cushothane STD Load Wheel

Superior’s standard polyurethane is engineered to perform reliably in everyday use and achieve maximum work life in general purpose applications. Superior’s most economical load wheel, the standard Cushothane is perfect for circumstances that do not require premium polyurethane. Superior’s Standard Cushothane Load Wheel is a proven workhorse, time tested to outperform the competition.

Cushothane EZ Load Wheel

Superior’s premium EZ polyurethane is designed for applications where Battery life, operator fatigue and vibration are primary concerns. Formulated to prevent wheel chunking problems, EZ wheels are excellent in rough floor and docking applications, The softer EZ polyurethane deflects more. When coupled with our special adhesive and state of the art bonding process, the EZ wheel overcomes impact caused bond failure. Cushothane EZ Load Wheels have carrying capacity equal to standard Cushothane Load Wheel as well as remarkable cut and tear strength.

Cushothane XL3 Load Wheel

Superior’s high performance XL polyurethane is engineered to offer extended service life in the harshest conditions. XL wheels are engineered to limit heat build-up caused by high heats, long runs, and heavy loads and are site proven to eliminate bond failures, improve truck productivity, reduce maintenance labor and lessen overall wheel and bearing expense. Cushothane XL Load Wheels have the highest load carrying capacity with excellent cut and tear strength.

Stabilizer Caster

Engineered as a drop-in replacement for all OEM’s, the infinitely adjustable STR Stabilizer Caster is site proven to eliminate rocking and provide greater stability in the most demanding operating environments.

  • Shock absorbing
  • Sealed Bearings
  • Heavy-duty cast and steel construction
  • Height Adjustable
  • Eliminates Rocking

STR Food Service Caster

With a greaseable wheel, axle and pivot joint, the rust proof STR Food Service Stabilizer Caster is a perfect choice when lubrication is required to overcome corrosive brine, animal fats and cleaners in slaughterhouses and other food service applications.

  • Greaseable Pivot Axle
  • Greaseable Axle
  • Premium XL Greaseable Wheel
  • Yellow Zinc (Rust Proof) Plating
  • Optional EZ or XL Wheels
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