Decal Safety

Clark believes that fully informed people are safer and more productive. Safety labels, in combination with proper training and effective supervision, can provide important reminders of safety to operators, supervisors, owners and others. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires that your customers maintain the safety labels in place and in a legible condition. When you help your customers meet their obligations under OSHA, everyone will benefit.

Make sure every truck you see has the appropriate safety labels. Check your rental fleet, customer's trucks in your shop and at their locations, and don't forget your used trucks. Clark recommends that you urge your customers to install safety labels in all of their trucks regardless of make or year. Inventory these labels on your service trucks, and train your mechanics to sell safety.

General Product Warning

Use the following general warning labels for machines in the appropriate model lines. Generally, the warning labels should be placed on machines as follows:

Where they can be read by the operator while in a seated operating position; or So they are seen as the operator starts the truck; or Near the machine data plate.

Note: each warning label has the appropriate model line and part number printed on the front. Location and application instructions are printed on the back.

Use the following part number general warning labels for machines which do not have designated applications in the parts system:

  • Sit-Down Riders 2798233,2798235
  • Stand-Up Riders 2796095, 2818645
  • Order Selector 2377059
  • Rough Terrain 2377061
  • High Lift Pallet Truck 2377063
  • Pallet Truck 2777634
  • Tow Tractors 2775281
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Upright Safety Label Part


Every lift truck should have this label in place as a reminder that hazards are created if people place themselves under raised forks or use a lift truck as a personnel elevator.

Install them as follows:

On trucks with a center-mounted lift cylinder: Place one label on the front as close as possible to a height of 5' (144 cm) to 6' (172.8 cm) from ground level.

On trucks without a center-mounted lift cylinder or with large attachments: Two labels, one on each side of the outer rail as close as possible to a height of 5' (144cm) to 6' (172.8 cm) from ground level.

Pinch or Shear Point Label Part


Place these labels on every truck where a pinch or shear point is created during operation. Look for upright tie bars that pass by each other during lifting and lowering and parts of attachments such as clamps, side shifters or rotators that come together.

These labels are normally placed on the right, front overhead guard leg. Make sure they are in place there, but they can also be used on any truck that has a seat belt no matter what model or make.

Fan Warning Decal


This label is normally placed on the fan shroud of an internal combustion engine.

No Riding Decal

Part #1747747
This label should be placed near the logo Clark within the operator's vision.
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