CLARK Hand Pallet Jacks

The CLARK hand pallet truck is distinguished by the same consistently reliable features which are typical for all CLARK products.
The robust design is Built to Last ®.

Pallet Jack Spec Sheets

Standard Features

* Standard features are the same on our complete line of Pallet Jacks unless otherwise noted.


  • Rugged heavy duty frames of steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel are constructed of one-piece formed channel, offer light weight and strength.
    Heavy Duty Jacks feature reinforced gussets and reinforced bulkhead headers which provide increased strengthened piston seat.
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  • Reinforced forks provide added strength with tapered ends for easy pallet entry.
    Heavy Duty Jacks feature one piece forks and solid tapered ends for increased strength.
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Hydraulic Pumps

  • Quality design pumps complete with a special lowering valve allow controlled rate of descent, and an overload bypass valve.
    Galvanized Jacks have Galvanized pumps and Stainless Steel Jacks have Stainless pumps. The Heavy Duty Jack pump is leak proof with overload capacity. The maintenance free pump features a hard chrome plated lift cylinder & piston, quality polyurethane seals & wipers, and an easy to remove cartridge design. A unique Pump Piston Dust Cover prevents damage to the top seal from dust and debris. New additional foot release pedal provides operation versatility.
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  • Featuring a reinforced base, the spring-a-matic handle returns to the upright position automatically.
    The Heavy Duty Jack has a tapered handle for greater strength.
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Control Handle

  • Control handles have three position (raise/neutral/ lower) fingertip controls which are ergonomically designed and free of pinch points.
    The Heavy Duty Jack is designed for left or right hand operators.
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  • Standard trucks require 10 strokes to raise forks to maximum lift.
    The Heavy Duty Jack requires 13 and the Quick lift which when in “quick lift” mode, only requires 5.
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  • 200 degree pivot action allows greater maneuverability with 7” polyurethane wheels, sealed bearings and “ball-thrust” steering.
    The Low Profile Jacks have 6” wheels and the Heavy Duty Jacks have an articulating axle which allows for level transport of loads on uneven floors.
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Load Rollers

  • 2.9” polyurethane rollers with sealed bearings are standard.
    The Low Profile Jacks have 2” rollers, and the Weigh Scale Jacks have 2.75” rollers.
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Push Rods

  • Adjustable push rods allow for individual adjustment capability of either fork height.
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  • One piece hangers are constructed of Cast Iron for greater strength and longevity while Galvanized are coated and Stainless Steel are made of stainless.
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Pivot Points

  • There are grease fittings and bushings at all pivot points for easy maintenance. The Heavy Duty Jacks utilize self lubricating high impact bushings and lubrication fittings at all pivot points for improved maintenance capabilities.
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Helper Rollers

  • Four additional helper rollers for easy exit and entry of pallets on all but Low Profile and 4 Way Jacks
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