Trained Mechanics

CLARK began the Material Handling Industry in 1917 by manufacturing the CLARK Truc-Tractor. Presently, there are over 250,000 CLARK lift trucks operating in North America and 350,000 units operating worldwide. Worldwide, CLARK has one of the broadest product lines in the Material Handling Industry with five major lines. Lift Trucks ranging from 1,500 to 18,000 pound capacities, LPG, gasoline, dual fuel, diesel, narrow-aisle stackers, electric riders and powered hand trucks. For the past nine decades, CLARK has been one of the Material Handling Industry's most progressive and responsive manufacturers, continuously seeking innovative ways to improve product, expand service and provide value to its customers.

At CLARK Safety is a Design Element, not an Afterthought! At CLARK we are COMMITTED TO SAFETY!!!

CLARK continues to be an industry leader with innovative product development, including safety features such as the Operator Restraint Systems, Rear Posts on Stand-Up Riders, and Operator Presence for Traction and Hydraulic Circuits pioneered by CLARK and adopted as a standard feature on all forklift trucks.

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The list below outlines CLARKs commitment to research, development, design, and implementation of features that have increased both the Operator and the safe operation of the Lift Truck.

Trained Mechanics

As we move into the future CLARKs commitment to safety will continue to be a key element in our new product design and development. At CLARK our Safety and Value Engineering Program, along with our Product Engineers and Suppliers work together to minimize costs and, at the same time, improve the Safety, Quality, and Efficiency of our Lift Truck Product Lines.