Safe Lift Trucks

A powerful lift truck is essential to your business's productivity.

A safe lift truck is essential to your people's productivity.

We take care of designing and manufacturing a powerful truck. Operating a safe truck requires your partnership. We give you the safety information; when you act on it, your people and trucks stay on the move.

From here, we'll take you to information on planned maintenance, proper restraints, decal safety, and truck modification safety.

Regulations and Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) provides requirements for the safe operation of powered industrial trucks. OSHA is intended to make sure that every business in the United States has a safe and healthful working environment. CLARK recommends that you read and understand OSHA's Safety and Health Standards, Subpart N, Section 1910.178 - Powered Industrial Trucks. Individual states may have broader occupational, safety and health guidelines. You must also review your state directives and regulations.

In addition to the state and federal standards, there are industry standards, Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation (ITSDF) B56 publications which apply to material handling. This standard is denoted, ITSDF B56.1, "Safety Standard for Low lift and High Lift Trucks."

Various provisions of ITSDF B56.1 are restated and amplified in the National Safety Council's Accident Prevention Manual for Industrial Operation. This manual is highly recommended for study and ready reference by managers of companies using industrial trucks.